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Spaghetti Combo Meal

( 1 portion of spaghetti, 4 chicken wings, and a 25cl ottle of drink or water)



Chicken Feast Combo

(1 large chicken pizza, 12 chicken wings, 2 chicken pie, 2 bottles of 25cl drinks or water)


Family Combo Offer

Family Combo Offer

(2 large dough factory signature pizzas, TDF signature chinchin, and a choice of 6 chicken wings, or 1 shawarma)


Club Sandwich Combo

(1 Club sandwich, a portion of fries, and a 25cl bottle of Drink or Water)


Burgers and Fries

Burgers and Fries

(1 Burger, a portion of fries and a 25cl bottle of drink or water)


Wings and fries combo

(4 Chicknen wings, a portion of Fries, and a 25cl bottle of drink or water)